Wedding Photographers & Locations in Asheville, NC

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog and congratulations on getting married in the not so distant future. Sorry if I assume wrong but if you weren’t planning to get married anytime soon you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog right now.

I did my best to select the best wedding photographers that I could find in and around Asheville as well as some high-quality locations that you can only dream of. Well, guess what, we can make your dreams come through here so keep on reading.

Asheville wedding photographers

We’ll start this list in alphabetical order so if you had one in mind already all you need to do is scroll down to get to know more about them.

Blue Bend Photography

This one has been around for the longest of times that I can remember and was started by Nick and his wife Maddy which are both excellent photographers, lately, they’ve expanded their team to two more photographers named Colby and Kevin.

They have an impressive portfolio of weddings they shoot in the recent past, and received hundreds of 5-star reviews scattered throughout the web. No matter which site you visit, they are there, and I haven’t found a single negative review so although this list is sorted on the alphabet they definitely deserve the first place on this list.

Price wise they are probably one of the more affordable ones with packages starting at 1600 dollars for 5 hours worth of shooting photos. This includes one-hour travel time and they even throw in $150 worth of credit to get your photos printed. An excellent deal if I may say so.

Forge Mountain Photography

Second on our list are the photographers from Forge Mountain. I couldn’t find much info about their team so I suspect Will is a one-man’s business

Besides weddings, they are also available for different types of photography like real-estate, and photo-shoot preparations whatever that means. They are located in downtown Asheville so if you are around, pay them a visit.

Their smallest package includes 3 hours of taking photos for $1250. Hardly enough to cover a wedding so for a more fair price comparison we should look at their 5-hour package for $1400 instead. This includes high-resolution photos and free digital downloads.

Jennifer Callahan Photography

Another great wedding photographer that’s immensely popular in her area. She has an impressive portfolio and same as the others an impressive amount of reviews.

Her packages range from $2,000 to $4,000 which includes professionally edited photos which you get access to through their online gallery (for your eyes only). Through this gallery, you can order your preferred photos to be printed. Six hours of shooting results in 600 photos which is quite impressive on its own!

If you need more than one photographer she can take care of that as well, and if you’re still in the engagement phase she can provide a combination package. How so all-inclusive!

Meghan Rolfe Photography

Meghan is doing a great job with tons of reviews and a professional looking website with tons of wedding photos, locations, and what not really.

She’s been covered in many magazines, same as Nick from Blue Bend photography. Perhaps as a result from her Elope package where they take you out into the nature to make some stunning photos. She set up a separate business for just that so make sure to check it out.

I wasn’t able to find a price list on her site but sent out an email to inquire which I still have to here back from, once I know I will make sure to update this post.

Realities Photography

We’ve already reached the last one on our list. Obviously, I could go on and list another dozen wedding photographers but I don’t think such abundance of choice really helps you so we stick with the best wedding photographers in Asheville only.

You could argue if they are the best, so we rely on positive reviews here and I can guarantee you that those that we covered are definitely not the worst.

Realities Photography was founded by Jill Schwarzkopf, and they have a broad coverage in Northern Carolina. Custom packages start at $3800 which is quite steep, and I haven’t been able to find any information on basic or standard packages. You can view her portfolio at the website, and at Instagram.

I wanted to talk a little more about her workshop but seeing how it’s sold out in 2018 I skip that part for now.

Wedding venues & locations

Not everyone has the budget to hire a private photographer and I get that. You can make up for that by choosing an idyllic location and Asheville and surroundings have plenty of those.

Perhaps you have a nephew with a high-resolution camera that can take care of the shootings. It won’t be as stunning as hiring a photographer but memories don’t just live in photos, the complete experience is just as important and a great wedding location can help remind you of that.

To get some help in selecting the best wedding venues I use a couple of websites, TheKnot, WeddingWire, and Romantic Asheville.

Crest Center & Pavilion

Described as sitting on a hilltop overlooking beautiful Asheville, the main hall has extremely tall windows reaching 86 feet overlooking¬†the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s only 4.5 miles from the center of the city and is surrounded by mountains all around, with even a waterfall nearby. If I were looking for a wedding location this would definitely op my list.

Their indoor venue has a max capacity of 300 guests, while outdoors in case you are planning to marry in the spring or summer gives room to 400 dinner guests and 600 for the reception which should be more than enough for most couples.

Claxton Farm, Weaverville

If you’re a country person on a lower budget then Claxton Farm is an excellent choice, with 360-degree views, and animals all around this make for one very peaceful wedding. 150 people fit in the barn where the actual wedding happens, and outside there is room for 400 guests. It’s a little further outside of town but at 14 miles it’s still very doable.

Olivette Rosebay Park

The first thing I notice is that it’s not so easy to find information about prices so I’m leaving that to you. A quick call probably tells you all you need to know. Olivette’s park is just fifteen minutes outside of Asheville and offers room to eighty people inside, or they can set up a tent to fit 250 people.

It’s located on the banks of the French Broad River which makes it a unique place and allows you to make some great photos. They even host a private island with a wedding circle and labyrinth. What more do you want?

NC Arboretum Weddings

If you aren’t a fan of farms Arboretum offers beautiful garden surroundings only 15 minutes out of town. They are situated in the Pisgah National Forest, near the Blueridge Parkway. You can discuss a tour with your wedding manager to allow for some jaw-breaking photos to be taken.

With a reception capacity of 200 guests and 120 guests for their brunch that can take place from 10AM-2PM, this should be enough for most couples. If you book before June next year they’ll even throw in free champagne!

Biltmore Estate Weddings

For obvious reasons I can’t leave this one out so I figured I save the best one for last. If you want to make your wedding a true fairy tale and you can afford it this should be the first one to check out. The Biltmore Estate is the largest home in America, who would have known that?

Being one of the most romantic wedding venues, and the history attached to it, this will be a wedding to never forget. Their facility offers room to 550 guests, and their new ballroom is 17-foot high. Now that’s a place where you can have a great party.

They offer a broad range of locations to get some information about the packages they offer. If you want to entertain your guests, even more, they also offer a range of activities like wine tasting, fly-fishing, and a whole lot more.

Summing it up

I hope this post provided you with plenty of information about the options you have to orchestrate your dream wedding. If not, here are some other locations you might want to look into: Homewood, with 66 reviews rated as 5-stars, Golden Fleece Slow Earth Kitchen received just two reviews so I assume this has been added more recently.

Capital Club of Asheville is another one worth to look into, it’s in the city center which makes it just as easy. Celine & Company is a great place to wine & dine. The Albemarle Inn hosts a spacious veranda overlooking beautiful gardens according to their description and the photos that accompany it look awesome. Last but not least, Haiku I do covers anything from Koi ponds to Zen gardens, ranging in price from $6000-$8000 to accommodate 100 guests.

Plenty of choices as you can see so I end this post by wishing you a wedding you will never forget.